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As the number of health-related web sites in various languages increases, it is more than necessary to implement control mechanisms that give the users adequate guarantee that the web resources they are visiting, meet a minimum level of quality standards. Based upon state-of-the-art technology in the areas of semantic web, content analysis and quality(More)
The EU funded project MedIEQ (Quality Labelling of Medical Web content Using Multilingual Information Extraction) aims to pave the way to an automation of the quality appraisal of health related information on the Internet. This paper presents AQUA (Assisting Quality Assessment), the assisting system for labelling agencies of medical web sites. This system,(More)
The paper presents several illustrations of concept of subsystem when applying various types of mappings. There are specifications of notions as input-output system in a certain period of time, stage of system at a given moment, characterization of deterministic, nondeterministic and stochastic system and reasoning over their properties. In the end there(More)
The paper describes motivation of large variable systems fuzzification the comprehensive language modelling of which, providing unique predictions of future events, may be for theoretical or practical reasons difficult or impossible. Therefore we deal with definitions of simpler sub­ systems which we fuzzify. Modelling language is modified to enable(More)
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