Milan Ruzicka

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File data on familial traits, past sexual experience as a victim, and other traits identified in the literature as leading toward pedophilia, were summarized for 10 convicted clergy pedophiles to construct a set of variables possibly useful for screening. Further research is underway to identify trauma in early life and those personality-related variables(More)
As the number of health-related web sites in various languages increases, it is more than necessary to implement control mechanisms that give the users adequate guarantee that the web resources they are visiting, meet a minimum level of quality standards. Based upon state-of-the-art technology in the areas of semantic web, content analysis and quality(More)
Examination of the relationships of multiple roles and internal-external locus of control with psychological well-being among 162 middle-class women aged 23 yr. and over, returning to school at a community college, showed women occupying two or three of the roles of partner, mother, and paid employee were happier than those occupying one or none. Internal(More)
The paper describes motivation of large variable systems fuzzification the comprehensive language modelling of which, providing unique predictions of future events, may be for theoretical or practical reasons difficult or impossible. Therefore we deal with definitions of simpler sub­ systems which we fuzzify. Modelling language is modified to enable(More)
This pilot study sought to investigate parent-child interactions which influenced self-esteem in a sample of gifted children. 13 gifted children, aged 6 to 10 yr., who were enrolled in a private elementary school, were tested on the Coopersmith Self-esteem Inventory and the Parent Practices Questionnaire (PPQ). Significant correlations obtained between (1)(More)