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The detour matrix (DD) of a graph has for its (i,j) entry the length of the longest path between vertices i and j. The sum of all entries above the main diagonal gives the detour index dd. Distinct graphs that have the same detour index have been reported in the literature. We examined such graphs and others that we have found and report on some of their(More)
 Anaerobically light-grown cells of Rhodobacter capsulatus B100 are highly resistant to the toxic oxyanion tellurite (TeO3 2−; minimal inhibitory concentration, 250 μg/ml). This study examines, for the first time, some structural and biochemical features of cells and plasma membrane fragments of this facultative phototroph grown in the presence of 50μg of(More)
ORIGINAL SCIENTIFIC PAPERS CCA-3038 The McClelland Number of Conjugated Hydrocarbons Ivan Gutman, Lemi Türker, Boris Furtula, and Veselin Vu~kovi} Croat. Chem. Acta 78 (2005) 485–488 CCA-3039 On Reducing Correlations between Topological Indices Boris Hollas, Ivan Gutman, and Nenad Trinajsti} Croat. Chem. Acta 78 (2005) 489–492 CCA-3040 On Canonical(More)
We consider a set of nine polycyclic conjugated hydrocarbons, which includes at one extreme benzene, the prototype of aromatic compounds, and at the other extreme cyclooctatetraene, a well-known nonaromatic compound, while the remaining seven compounds illustrate molecules of decreasing degree of aromaticity. Using the model of conjugated circuits for(More)
We draw attention to graphical matrices as a source of numerous structural invariants that could be used as predictor variables in QSPR and QSAR studies of molecules. In particular, we put forward a novel graphical matrix G associated with a molecule whose off-diagonal element G ij is the subgraph of the corresponding molecular graph obtained from it by(More)
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