Milan Merkle

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The first part of the paper deals with general features of weak star convergence from a topological point of view. We present basic facts about weak and weak star topologies, dual spaces and representations of linear functionals as Radon measures. A special attention is payed to finitely additive measures and some results regarding the Baire sets. We prove(More)
(1) x0 ∈ K such that c1 ≤ f(x0, y) ≤ c2, for all y ∈ K, where K is a given set, f : K × K → R is a given function and c1 and c2 two real numbers such that c1 ≤ c2. If K is a nonempty closed subset in a locally convex semi-reflexive topological vector space, then the problem (1) is problem by Isac, Sehgal and Singh [16] (Open Problem 2). In [20], Li gave the(More)
S OF TALKS PRESENTED AT THE INTERNATIONAL<lb>MATHEMATICAL CONFERENCE TOPICS IN MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS<lb>AND GRAPH THEORY (MAGT) A Satellite Meeting to ICM 2006 BELGRADE, SERBIA, SEPTEMBER 1–4, 2006. Editorial note. Selected peer-refereed full presented at MAGT 2006, are published<lb>in: Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics, 1, No. 1 (2007).
The Barnes’ G-function G(x) = 1/Γ2, satisfies the functional equation log G(x + 1) − log G(x) = log Γ(x). We complement W. Krull’s work in Bemerkungen zur Differenzengleichung g(x + 1)− g(x) = φ(x), Math. Nachrichten 1 (1948), 365-376 with additional results that yield a different characterization of the function G, new expansions and sharp bounds for G on(More)
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