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Although photodynamic therapy (PDT) yields very good outcomes in numerous types of superficial solid cancers, some tumors respond suboptimally to PDT. Novel treatment strategies are therefore needed to enhance the efficacy in these therapy-resistant tumors. One of these strategies is to combine PDT with inhibitors of PDT-induced survival pathways. In this(More)
Primary carcinoid tumors of the ovary account for 5% of ovarian teratomas. They are frequently components of mature cystic teratomas or, less commonly, mucinous cystadenomas. Most tumors are seen in peri- or postmenopausal women with symptoms of enlarging mass, or are incidental findings. Microscopically, there are four major variants of ovarian teratomas(More)
BACKGROUND The variability of maternal serum biochemical markers for Down syndrome, free beta-hCG and PAPP-A can have a different impact on false-positive rates between the 10+0 and 13+6 week of gestation. The study population comprised 2883 unaffected, singleton, spontaneously conceived pregnancies in Croatian women, who delivered apparently healthy child(More)
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