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In this paper, a multi-repairmen machine repair problem comprising of M operating units together with k type of warm spares has been investigated. The failed units are immediately attended by repairmen if available. When there are no failed units in the queue for repair, the repairmen leave for a vacation of random length. When the vacation period is(More)
Residential buildings account for a significant proportion of overall energy consumption across the world. Decentralized room level Air Conditioners (ACs) are a commonplace in developing countries such as India, contributing a major share (34% in India) of the total residential energy consumption. Option to independently control each AC presents a prime(More)
  • Milan Jain
  • 2016
In the context of developing countries, buildings account for around one-third of aggregate energy consumption with decentralized air conditioners (AC) being the major contributor. The possibility of room-level control, together with buildings substandard thermal insulation make decentralized ACs, an attractive target for energy conservation. Our overall(More)
Theftware is software cum a proposed firmware which helps to track down a laptop in case of theft. Now a days, cases of laptop theft are becoming too frequent and prominent as it's a pretty easy as well as rewarding affair for the burglars. Especially in the second and third world countries, where the hitherto technologies are not up to the international(More)
Wind, a major alternative source of energy, provides dynamic output due to frequent weather changes, which introduces one of the biggest challenges in integrating it with the existing power system. Commercial wind power forecasters vary in their prediction accuracies both across the wind farms and for different time periods within a farm. Therefore, wind(More)
Diagnosis and exact recommendation for a cancer patient is very much sensitive and of greater influencing in cure of this diseases. Traditionally the diagnosis procedure was very time consuming and not so accurate, so here in this respect there is a need of more accurate, fast and easily to understand method / diagnosis tool which gives reliable results.(More)
An air conditioner (AC) consumes a significant proportion of the total household power consumption. Primarily used in developing countries, decentralised AC has an inbuilt thermostat to cool the room to a temperature, manually set by the users. However, residents are incapable of specifying their goal through these thermostats - maximise their comfort or(More)
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