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The morphologic variations of the shoulder blade have not yet been evaluated in clinical medicine. We observed that subjects with less standard shapes of the shoulder blade often suffer from musculo-skeletal shoulder syndromes with concurrent intrinsic impingement syndromes or, more precisely, partial-thickness rotator cuff tears. This experience became a(More)
The objective of this study was to devise a method of kinetic analysis of the ground reaction force that enables the durations and magnitudes of forces acting during the individual phases of ski turns to be described exactly. The method is based on a theoretical analysis of physical forces acting during the ski turn. Two elementary phases were defined: (1)(More)
OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were: (i) to monitor changes in central facial paresis in patients with stroke after orofacial therapy, using functional scales and video analysis of the face; and (ii) to investigate correlations between changes in facial movement and mental function of patients after stroke. METHODS A prospective blind randomized study(More)
The purpose of the study was to evaluate marked postural asymmetry and gross joint mobility in elite female volleyball athletes. Sixty-two Czech and Slovak elite female volleyball athletes (age 20.7±2.03 years, body mass 71.1±6.18 kg, body height 1.804±.0618 m, BMI 21.8±1.78) were examined by an experienced rehabilitation physician. The set of tests(More)
The athlete's inrun position affects the outcome for take-off in ski jumping. The purpose of this study was to examine the kinematic parameters between skiers' adjacent body segments during their first straight path of the inrun. Elite ski jumpers participated in the study at the World Cup events in Innsbruck, Austria, during the years 1992 through 2001. A(More)
This study assesses the longitudinal changes in anthropometric and motor parameters of ski jumpers. Male ski jumpers (n = 329) at various competitive levels participated in this study. These competitors were divided into two groups by age (18 years and younger, and over 18 years), and then divided into seven even intervals within those groups. Basic(More)
The concept of kinematic chains has been systematically applied to biological systems since the 1950s. The course of a ski jump can be characterized as a change between closed and open kinematic chains. The purpose of this study was to determine a relationship between adjacent segments within the ski jumper's body's kinematic chain during the in-run phase(More)
The impulses emitted from the back of a horse during hippotherapy stimulate the rider's postural reflex mechanisms, resulting in balance and coordination training. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the movement variability of the horse's back and limbs and to determine significant relationships between the movement of the selected body points on(More)
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