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Cloud providers aim to provide computing services for a wide range of applications, such as web applications, emails, web searches, map reduce jobs. These applications are commonly scheduled to run on multi-purpose clusters that nowadays are becoming larger and more heterogeneous. A major challenge is to efficiently utilize the cluster's available(More)
Data centre energy requirements have grown massively in the last few years. One of the optimisation challenges for reducing its energy requirements is to keep servers well utilised by deciding which Virtual Machines (VMs) to migrate, where to migrate, when to migrate, and, when and which servers to switch on/off. Achieving this goal optimally requires the(More)
This paper formalises a packing problem that emerges as a core sub-problem for managing workload consolidation in data centres. As a generalisation of the Bin Packing (BP) problem, it considers a set of tasks (items) to be assigned to a set of machines (bins) under capacity constraints (CPU usage) on each machine. Unlike classic BP settings, items have a(More)
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