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T-cell gamma/delta hepatosplenic lymphoma is a primary extranodal lymphoma, distinct from other T/LGL lymphomas. The clinical course is aggressive, and despite use of the multiagent chemotherapy and young age of the patients, the median survival is less than 1 year. Curability of this disease is still uncertain. We reported a case of the successful(More)
The project "COMMENTATOR" at the department of general linguistics at the university of Lund is intended to test ideas about language production. The system implemented in BASIC on the ABC80 microcomputer generates a scene on the monitor where two persons, Adam and Eve, move randomly around a gate. Not only the present positions of Adam and Eve are shown on(More)
Issues of high levels of muscular asymmetry have been associated with injury risk, and therefore have potential implications for decremental performance at the elite sport level. The aim of this current study was to assess the relationship between the segmental fluid distribution and the paddle grip in elite male and female slalom kayakers and canoeists.(More)
AIM The aim of this current study was to assess the segmental fluid distribution, grip strength and injury occurrence in elite slalom kayakers and canoeists. METHODS Ninety three world-cup competitors (72 males; 21 females) took part in the study. Impedance analysis assessed segmental fluid asymmetry and a questionnaire evaluated injury occurrence during(More)
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