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BACKGROUND Members of the subfamily Galleriinae have adapted to different selective environmental pressures by devising a unique mating process. Galleriinae males initiate mating by attracting females with either chemical or acoustic signals (or a combination of both modalities). Six compounds considered candidates for the sex pheromone have recently been(More)
Within this paper, optimal shaping of acoustic resonators for the generation of high-amplitude standing waves through the use of evolutionary algorithms is discussed. The resonator shapes are described using sets of control points interconnected with cubic-splines. Positions of the control points are calculated by means of an evolutionary algorithm in order(More)
This work verifies the idea that in principle it is possible to reconstruct axial temperature distribution of fluid employing reflection or transmission of acoustic waves. It is assumed that the fluid is dissipationless and its density and speed of sound vary along the wave propagation direction because of the fluid temperature distribution. A numerical(More)
This study is concerned with parametric radiation from an arbitrary axisymmetric planar source with a special focus on low-frequency difference-frequency fields. As a model equation accounting for nonlinearity, diffraction, and dissipation, the Westervelt equation is used. The difference-frequency-field patterns are calculated in the quasi-linear(More)
Acoustic streaming in 2D rectangular resonant channels filled with a fluid with a spatial temperature distribution is studied within this work. An inertial force is assumed for driving the acoustic field; the temperature inhomogeneity is introduced by resonator walls with prescribed temperature distribution. The method of successive approximations is(More)
A general inhomogeneous Burgers equation describing finite-amplitude standing waves in resonators terminated by a general impedance is derived. This model equation can be used for modeling of nonlinear acoustic processes connected with some methods for enhancement of Q-factor of acoustic resonators. One of them is the method based on using a(More)
INTRODUCTION Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most serious health problems worldwide and thus it is important to assess health and economic impacts of preventative CRC screening strategies. METHODS For this reason, a theoretical model based on Markov chains is proposed to compare these strategies: fecal occult blood test, capsule endoscopy, once-life(More)
This work is focused on investigation of applicability of two widely used model equations for description of nonlinear standing waves in constant-cross-sectioned resonators. The investigation is based on the comparison of numerical solutions of these model equations with solutions of more accurate model equations whose validity has been verified(More)
This paper deals with the problems of description of finite-amplitude standing waves in gas-filled acoustic resonators, where the frontal resonator walls are of arbitrary reflection coefficients. The concrete wallreflection coefficients form may be connected with the finite wall stiffness, radiation of acoustic energy from the resonator cavity or(More)