Milagros Postigo

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BACKGROUND For accurate and reliable gene expression analysis, normalization of gene expression data against reference genes is essential. In most studies on ticks where (semi-)quantitative RT-PCR is employed, normalization occurs with a single reference gene, usually beta-actin, without validation of its presumed expression stability. The first goal of(More)
Tick control on livestock relies principally on the use of acaricides but the development of acaricide resistance and concerns for environmental pollution underscore the need for alternative control methods, for instance through the use of anti-tick vaccines. Two commercial vaccines based on the recombinant Bm86 protein from Rhipicephalus (Boophilus)(More)
The first European case of tetrodotoxin intoxication is reported in a patient who ingested a trumpet shellfish from the Atlantic Ocean in Southern Europe. He suffered general acute paralysis with respiratory failure necessitating ventilation. Early neurophysiologic studies showed complete peripheral nerve inexcitability, with no recordable sensory or motor(More)
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