Milagros González-Hernández

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Understanding pathogen transmission is essential to addressing the dynamics of infectious diseases in animal populations. Directly transmitted parasites spread in host populations via 1) contact with infected individuals and 2) contact with contaminated substrates. Although studies exist that support social or ranging effects on transmission, it is less(More)
Since the early 1900s, mesomycetozoan parasites have been reported in both European anuran and caudate species. These reports have primarily been descriptive, which has made assessing the impact of these parasites on host populations difficult. Anecdotal reports of dermocystidium-like parasites are becoming widespread across Europe, possibly indicating that(More)
Exotic coniferous species have been used widely in restoration efforts in tropical montane forests due to their tolerance to adverse conditions and rapid growth, with little consideration given to the potential ecological benefits provided by native tree species. The aim of this study was to elucidate differences in litterfall and nutrient flow between a(More)
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