Milagros Fernández-Molina

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BACKGROUND Psychopathological vulnerability may be related to certain personality traits. The aim of this study was to explore the association of minor affective psychopathology and the regular use of psychotropic medication with temperament and character profiles from Cloninger's personality model, in a sample of active professional people. METHODS This(More)
Although parental socialization styles have been investigated in recent years, little research has been carried out on the issue of parental styles in adoptive families. The aim of this research is to analyse parental styles both from the point of view of the parents and of adopted and non-adopted adolescents, taking as covariables the adolescents' sex and(More)
Improvements in executive functions appear to have a strong impact on preschool learning activities and academic performance. This paper presents some experiences in training working memory and attentional control supported by an educational software system called APRENDO. The aims were to assess the suitability of the APRENDO system as a computer-based(More)
The aim of this research is to identify the severity and type of behavioural problems found in a sample of 181 Spanish adolescents, aged 11 and 18, who have been, or still are in the protective system and to provide give up-to-date figures about behavioural problem situations of children are living under protective measures, and to determine the existence(More)
The subject of adoption and lesbian or gay applicants has frequently been debated in Spain since the 2005 legislative changes. However, there are few published documents that have addressed the opinions of the professionals responsible for supervision of the adoption process. The general aim of this research was to identify the attitudes of the(More)
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