Milagros Escobar

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OBJECTIVE To establish the nutritional status of previously studied rural populations. DESIGN AND SUBJECTS A total of 139 households with 245 males and 301 females from four relatively isolated Mexican rural communities were randomly selected to be surveyed in 1996. RESULTS Underweight was not a problem in either children or adults. In children <5 y(More)
The purpose of the present study was to compare the reactivity of the HPA-axis in children diagnosed with different subtypes of ADHD against a healthy control group. This study included a total of 66 children: 33 children with ADHD diagnoses (10 with prevalent inattentive symptoms, 9 with prevalent hyperactive-impulsive symptoms and 14 with the combined(More)
This study uses hierarchical or multilevel modeling to identify variables that contribute to daily stressors in a population of schoolchildren. Four hierarchical levels with several predictive variables were considered: student (age, sex, social adaptation of the student, number of life events and chronic stressors experienced, and educational level of the(More)
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