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AIM To provide a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the data collected on both solid and non-solid tumours at the Cancer Registry of Norway (CRN). METHODS Established quantitative and semi-quantitative methods were used to assess comparability, completeness, accuracy and timeliness of data for the period 1953-2005, with special attention to the(More)
OBJECTIVES To provide population-based estimates of typical adverse effects (AEs), e.g. urinary, bowel and sexual dysfunction, in patients with non-metastatic recurrence-free prostate cancer (PCa) by curative treatment method, including no treatment. To describe associations between typical AEs and global quality of life (QoL) and to study patients' use of(More)
BACKGROUND Our aim was to investigate cancer incidence and the cause of long-term mortality in different gallstone diseases and conditions. STUDY DESIGN The study population consisted of 2034 subjects: 224 persons diagnosed with asymptomatic gallstones in 1983, 254 patients who underwent cholecystectomy in 1983, and 513 patients with symptomatic(More)
BACKGROUND While Web-based interventions have been shown to assist a wide range of patients successfully in managing their illness, few studies have examined the relative contribution of different Web-based components to improve outcomes. Further efficacy trials are needed to test the effects of Web support when offered as a part of routine care. (More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether a lifestyle intervention in pregnancy limits gestational weight gain (GWG) and provides measurable health benefits for mother and newborn. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING Healthcare clinics of southern Norway. POPULATION Healthy, non-diabetic, nulliparous women, aged ≥18 years, with a body mass index of ≥19(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and outcome of radiation-induced sarcomas (RISs) among sarcoma patients referred to the Norwegian Radium Hospital (NRH). MATERIAL AND METHODS Ninety patients were identified from the institutional sarcoma data base. Medical records and histological and cytological material from both primary(More)
BACKGROUND In chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (Crohn's disease [CD] and ulcerative colitis [UC]), symptoms from outside the gastrointestinal tract are frequently seen, and the joints, skin, eyes, and hepatobiliary area are the most usually affected sites (called extraintestinal manifestations [EIM]). The reported prevalence varies, explained by(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) negatively affects the patient's health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Only a few population-based studies have compared the HRQoL of patients with the background population. The aim of this study was to evaluate the HRQoL in a European cohort of patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease 10(More)
BACKGROUND Self-management is crucial in the daily management of type 2 diabetes. It has been suggested that mHealth may be an important method for enhancing self-management when delivered in combination with health counseling. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to test whether the use of a mobile phone-based self-management system used for 1 year,(More)
OBJECTIVE Population-based studies have shown a slightly decreased life expectancy in patients with Crohn's disease (CD). The primary aim of the present study was to evaluate mortality and causes of death 20 years after the diagnosis in a well defined population-based cohort of CD patients in Norway. DESIGN The Inflammatory Bowel South-Eastern Norway(More)