Milad Mazaheri

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BACKGROUND Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), a complex multisystem genetic disorder, is characterised by developmental abnormalities leading to somatic and psychological symptoms. Symptoms of PWS include infantile hypotonia and failure-to-thrive, followed by life-long hyperphagia, developmental delays and moderate-to-severe behavioural problems and several(More)
This article presents novel high speed and low power full adder cells based on carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNFET). Four full adder cells are proposed in this article. First one (named CN9P4G) and second one (CN9P8GBUFF) utilizes 13 and 17 CNFETs respectively. Third design that we named CN10PFS uses only 10 transistors and is full swing.(More)
Since today technology is moving toward smaller size, links in comparison to routers have amazing role in power dissipation and power consumption. The goal in this paper is to reduce power dissipation and power consumption in links also reducing noise by introducing a new technique for data encryption. This technique recommends reducing the number of bits(More)
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