Milad Fozooni

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Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) relaying is a promising technological paradigm which avails of high spectral efficiency and substantially improved coverage. Yet, these configurations face some formidable challenges in terms of digital signal processing (DSP) power consumption and circuitry complexity, since the number of radio frequency (RF)(More)
Spectrum is one of the most precious radio resources that we have in communication networks, which should be utilized very efficiently. In this paper, we propose some admission control algorithms that activates users in the network, such that total sum rate of the network is maximized. In these algorithms, we try to find the best users among the many users(More)
Performance optimization of communication networks with quality of services (QOS) considerations for all active users is highly desirable. Using minimum data rate as the primary criterion for the QOS, in this paper, we provide a resource allocation solution for an OFDMA downlink which gets to be optimum when the number of subcarriers goes infinity and the(More)
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