Milad Azarbad

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Electrocardiogram signal is a very useful source of information for physicians in diagnosing heart abnormalities. With the increasing use of ECG in heart diagnosis, such as 24 hours monitoring or in ambulatory monitoring systems, the volume of ECG data that should be stored or transmitted, has greatly increased. This paper presents an efficient technique(More)
The most common statistical process control (SPC) tools employed for monitoring process changes are control charts. A control chart demonstrates that the process has altered by generating an out-of-control signal. This study investigates the design of an accurate system for the control chart patterns (CCPs) recognition in two aspects. First, an efficient(More)
Thresholding is a popular image segmentation method that converts a gray-level image into a binary image. Many thresholding techniques have been proposed in the recent years. Among them, the maximum entropy thresholding has been widely applied. Image entropy thresholding approach has drawn the attentions in image segmentation. In this paper, the image(More)
Dynamic or adaptive thresholding strategy is of high interest in pattern recognition, signal and image processing. In this article a powerful method using a combination of multilevel thresholding algorithm, bee algorithm (BA), and hierarchical evolutionary algorithm (HEA) is proposed for segmentation of magnetic resonance images (MRIs). The HEA can be(More)
Geometric dilution of precision (GDOP) is a powerful, simple and widely used measure for assessing the effectiveness of potential measurements to specify the precision and accuracy of the data received from global positioning system (GPS) satellites. The most correct method to classify or approximate the GPS GDOP is to use inverse matrix on all the(More)
The Electrocardiogram signals are a very valuable source of data for physicians in diagnosing heart abnormalities. In this paper, we present an efficient technique for compression of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals. A new thresholding method based on the three level of quantization is proposed for encoding samples using an Embedded Zero-tree Wavelet (EZW)(More)
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