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In this report we present the results from interviews and document analyses of current and planned information and communication technology (ICT) projects with police forces from 10 European countries and from interviews with technology vendors in the field of ICT for policing. Based on a cross-country, crossorganisational analysis, we present the following(More)
E-government interoperability is not something new. However, this term has grown in importance as a result of the need to design and offer more sophisticated and complex e-government services that, many times, require the collaboration of two or more public institutions. Meaningful research on this topic could therefore be helpful in providing a basis for(More)
Article history: Received 30 November 2015 Received in revised form 10 August 2016 Accepted 13 September 2016 Available online xxxx Public sector innovation is an important issue in the agenda of policymakers and academics but there is a need for a change of perspective, one that promotes a more open model of innovating, which takes advantage of the(More)
Guest Editors 1 Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, The Netherlands, a.m.g.zuiderwijk-vaneijk@tudelft.nl 2 ESADE Institute of Public Governance and Management, Spain, mila.gasco@esade.edu 3 Danube University Krems, Center for E-Governance, Austria, peter.parycek@donau-uni.ac.at 4 Delft University of Technology,(More)
Microblogging has been increasingly used by governments and citizens in emergency response. This paper aims to explore how citizens use microblogging to participate in emergency situations. By analyzing microblog data during the 2013 Water Contamination Emergency in Shanghai, this paper shows that citizens used microblogging platforms as a bottom-up channel(More)
The term smart city is a fuzzy concept, not well defined in theoretical researches nor in empirical projects. Several definitions, different from each other, have been proposed. However, all agree on the fact that a Smart City is an urban space that tends to improve the daily life (work, school,...) of its citizens (broadly defined). This is an improvement(More)