Milaň Rezáč

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The EPP cannot be reduced to the Inverse Case Filter (contra Boskovic 2002) and remains for the moment axiomatic in phrase-marker construction. Feature-splitting, Agree, and the EPP allow for a range of derivational options that have been constrained by the Activity Condition (Chomsky 2001 et preq). The phenomenon of non-nominative subjects (including(More)
The family Eresidae C. L. Koch, 1850 is reviewed at the genus level. The family comprises nine genera including one new genus. They are: Adonea Simon, 1873, Dorceus C. L. Koch, 1846, Dresserus Simon, 1876, Eresus Walckenaer, 1805, Gandanameno Lehtinen, 1967, Loureediagen. n., ParadoneaLawrence, 1968, Seothyra Purcell, 1903, and Stegodyphus Simon, 1873. A(More)
Celtic and Semitic languages show the following clustering of typological properties: (i) the Complementarity Principle in the verbal agreement system; (ii) licensing of a genitive dependent by a construct state; (iii) a verbal construction whose object bears genitive. The aim of this paper is to show how (i-iii) are derived in one of these languages taken(More)
The males of invertebrates from a few phyla, including arthropods, have been reported to practise traumatic insemination (TI; i.e. injecting sperm by using the copulatory organ to penetrate the female's body wall). As all previously reported arthropod examples have been insects, there is considerable interest in whether TI might have evolved independently(More)
Carabid beetles and ground-dwelling spiders inhabiting agroecosystems are beneficial organisms with a potential to control pest species. Intensification of agricultural management and reduction of areas covered by non-crop vegetation during recent decades in some areas has led to many potentially serious environmental problems including a decline in the(More)
Gravel-sand river terraces were nearly eliminated from central European landscape by river channelization. Monotypic stands of common reed (Phragmites australis) growing on such terraces are often stressed by drought, which makes them vulnerable to Lipara spp. (Diptera: Chloropidae) gallmakers. Although Lipara are considered ecosystem engineers, only(More)
Spider major ampullate silk is a high-performance biomaterial that has received much attention. However, most studies ignore plasticity in silk properties. A better understanding of silk plasticity could clarify the relative importance of chemical composition versus processing of silk dope for silk properties. It could also provide insight into how control(More)
Trichosporon (Dikarya: Basidiomycota) is a genus of anamorphic yeasts typically associated with soil and water, although many species are causative agents of diseases in animals and man. Here we provide the first compelling evidence that spiders can be occasionally colonized by at least two Trichosporon species. Trichosporon dulcitum (Berkhout) Weijman 1979(More)
* I investigate a Breton paradigm where excorporation takes place from morphological amalgams such as inflected lexical verbs. I propose that Breton analytic structures with auxiliation in 'do' illustrate a case of excorporation outside of syntax, in realizational morphology. The distribution of Breton excorporation is directly dependent on the output of(More)
Cet article est une enquête sur la syntaxe et la variation paramétrique du verbe 'avoir', à partir du domaine empirique de la variation dialectale et diachronique du breton. Nous introduisons tout d'abord le système d'accord celtique caractérisable par l'effet de complémentarité, puis nous montrons en quoi le verbe 'avoir' breton est unique, tant au milieu(More)