Milène Isambert

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Cancer of the gallbladder, a rare entity with a poor prognosis, is often discovered incidentally during or after cholecystectomy. It tends to disseminate early via lymphatic, peritoneal, endobiliary, and hematogenous pathways. Diagnosis is made intra-operatively in only a quarter of cases, by examination of the opened cholecystectomy specimen in the(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative radiofrequency ablation (IRFA) of liver metastases can be used to treat patients with complex tumours that are unsuitable for parenchymal resection alone. This systematic review assesses the frequency, patterns and severity of complications associated with this procedure. METHODS We carried out a bibliographic search on MEDLINE(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative radiofrequency ablation (IRFA) is added to surgery to obtain hepatic clearance of liver metastases. Complications occurring in IRFA should differ from those associated with wedge or anatomic liver resection. METHODS Patients with liver metastases treated with IRFA from 2000 to 2010 were retrospectively analysed. Postoperative(More)
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