Miku Hirano

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Isosurface is a set of points where scalar values are constant, and it generally forms surfaces. Simultaneous display of multiple semi-translucent isosurfaces on a screen is useful for visualizing large-scale 3D data. It realizes comprehensive representation of the 3D scalar fields, as well as volume rendering techniques. In this paper, we focus on(More)
No matter how advance the game AI is, it falls victim to repetitive behavior which after certain interval starts representing a pattern in the game which the user can exploit frequently. The elimination of this loophole will not only help the game AI to better counter the user behavior but also help it to learn and improve itself. This will enhance user(More)
IoT has been a great use in the modern world; the importance and usage of IoT’s are increasing day by day. There is lots of research going into IoT based power management systems. The increase in power requirement has pushed the researchers and industrialist to design low power systems. The wastage of energy is a very serious concern; this paper proposes a(More)
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