Mikolaj Malinowski

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OBJECTIVES This study investigated the effect of two concentrations of fluoride in milk, 2.5 and 5.0 ppm, on the prevention of demineralisation with a cariogenic challenge compared with milk with 0 ppm F. METHODS In a controlled, randomised, cross-over, double-blind in situ study, 23 subjects wore a lower removable appliance with 2 enamel slabs for 21(More)
The emergence of mode-locked near-IR (NIR) lasers has opened novel and exciting opportunities in dental and orthopaedic medicine. In a mode-locked laser cavity the pulse duration and repetition rates may be controlled between 10–100s of femtosecond (fs) and kHz-GHz ranges, respectively. This unique capability for controlling the incident laser power(More)
This article investigates historical organizations which developed as an institutional response to insu cient state capacity to collect revenues and support markets: craft guilds. Craft guilds were a response to problems associated with raising royal revenues and governing city's markets during the medieval and early modern period in Central Europe. The(More)
Tooth hypersensitivity is a growing problem affecting both the young and ageing population worldwide. Since an effective and permanent solution is not yet available, we propose a new methodology for the restoration of dental enamel using femtosecond lasers and novel calcium phosphate biomaterials. During this procedure the irradiated mineral transforms into(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate in vitro the effect of MI Paste, MI Paste Plus and 2800ppm fluoride (F) toothpaste (TP) on the remineralisation of enamel subsurface lesions and to compare these to the effect of 1450ppm and 0ppm F toothpastes. METHODS Enamel subsurface lesions were created in bovine enamel slabs (n=120) which were assigned randomly to five(More)
Acid-induced enamel erosion leading to dentine hypersensitivity is a growing problem for both the young and ageing population worldwide. Dentinal hypersensitivity is rising for the ageing population because of additional enamel wear. Both conditions adversely affect lifestyle and potentially can harm the systemic health of the patients. Since the loss of(More)
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