Mikołaj Bojańczyk

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We consider an extension of ω-regular expressions where two new variants of the Kleene star L * are added: L B and L S. These exponents act as the standard star, but restrict the number of iterations to be bounded (for L B) or to tend toward infinity (for L S). These expressions can define languages that are not ω-regular. We develop a theory for these(More)
The paper presents some automata and logics on ω-words, which capture all ω-regular languages, and yet still have good closure and decidability properties. The notion of ω-regular language is well established in the theory of automata. The class of ω-regular languages carries over to ω-words many of the good properties of regular languages of finite words.(More)
Learning styles and preferred learning approaches are believed to have an influence on student learning. This study investigated the learning preferences of first-, second- and fourth-year medical students as well as explored differences in learning preferences from first- to fourth-year students. In June 1992, 95 students were administered the learning(More)
If in a transformation semigroup we assume that the set being acted upon has a semigroup structure, then the transformation semigroup can be used to recognize languages of unranked trees. This observation allows us to examine the relationship connecting languages of unranked trees with standard algebraic concepts such as aperiodicity, idempo-tency,(More)
This chapter presents several algebraic approaches to tree languages. The idea is to design a notion for trees that resembles semigroups or monoids for words. The focus is on the connection between the structure of an algebra recognizing a tree language, and the kind of logic needed to define the tree language. Four algebraic approaches are described in(More)
This paper describes the design and application of a clinical information system (CIS) in a tertiary care facility (Kuwait Center for Cancer Control) using low-cost microcomputers (personal computers). The facility focuses on the collection and use of clinical information for prospective application in clinical trials, individual therapy and research. In(More)
The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between excessive weight and systolic-diastolic and isolated systolic hypertension in the elderly. The sample covered 631 men and 1269 women of age 65-84 who took part in the screening program for chest diseases in Cracow city center (Poland). During the visit at the medical center, blood pressure(More)
This report documents the program and the outcomes of Dagstuhl Seminar 13422 " Nominal Computation Theory ". The underlying theme of the seminar was nominal sets (also known as sets with atoms or Fraenkel-Mostowski sets) and they role and applications in three distinct research areas: automata over infinite alphabets, program semantics using nominal sets(More)
Introduction In this paper we describe a general framework for static verification of systems who base their decisions upon queries to databases. We restrict to systems which have read-only access to the databases, so during a run of such a system, the database does not change; however, the database is not fixed; it may vary from run to run. We call such(More)