Miklos Sarvary

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T profitability of remanufacturing systems for different cost, technology, and logistics structures has been extensively investigated in the literature. We provide an alternative and somewhat complementary approach that considers demand-related issues, such as the existence of green segments, original equipment manufacturer competition, and product(More)
Vol. XLVIII (June 2011), 425 –443 *Zsolt Katona is Assistant Professor of Marketing, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley (e-mail: zskatona@haas.berkeley. edu). Peter Pal Zubcsek is Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Florida (e-mail: pzubcsek@ufl.edu). Miklos Sarvary is Professor of Marketing, INSEAD (e-mail:(More)
Professional services firms (e.g., consultants, accounting firms, or advertising agencies) generate and sell business solutions to their customers. In doing so, they can leverage the cumulative experience gained from serving their customer base to either reduce their variable costs or increase the quality of their products/services. In other words, their(More)
We model the commercial World Wide Web as a directed graph emerging as the equilibrium of a game in which utility maximizing Web sites purchase (advertising) in-links from each other, while also setting the price of these links. In equilibrium, higher content sites tend to purchase more advertising links (mirroring the Dorfman-Steiner rule) while selling(More)
Paid placements on search engines reached sales of over $10 billion in the U.S. last year and represent the most rapidly growing form of online advertising today. In its classic form, a search engine sets up an auction for each search word in which competing web sites bid for their sponsored links to be displayed next to the search results. We model this(More)
T Internet has increased the flexibility of retailers, allowing them to operate an online arm in addition to their physical stores. The online channel offers potential benefits in selling to customer segments that value the convenience of online shopping, but it also raises new challenges. These include the higher likelihood of costly product returns when(More)