Miklos Gyulassy

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The energy and centrality dependence of the charged multiplicity per participant nucleon is shown to be able to differentiate between final state saturation and fixed scale perturbative QCD models of initial entropy production in high-energy heavy-ion collisions. The energy dependence is shown to test the nuclear enhancement of the minijet component of the(More)
A systematic expansion in opacity, L/lambda, is used to clarify the nonlinear behavior of induced gluon radiation in quark-gluon plasmas. The inclusive differential gluon distribution is calculated up to second order in opacity and compared to the zeroth order (factorization) limit. The opacity expansion makes it possible to take finite kinematic(More)
Based on QCD-inspired models for multiple jets production, we developed a Monte Carlo program to study jet and the associated particle production in high energy pp, pA and AA collisions. The physics behind the program which includes multiple minijet production, soft excitation, nuclear shadowing of parton distribution functions and jet interaction in dense(More)