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Tobacco smoking is an extremely addictive and harmful form of nicotine (NIC) consumption, but unfortunately also the most prevalent. Although disproportionately high frequencies of smoking and its health consequences among psychiatric patients are widely known, the neurobiological background of this epidemiological association is still obscure. The diverse(More)
BACKGROUND General psychiatric and forensic psychiatric beds, supported housing and the prison population have been suggested as indicators of institutionalized mental health care. According to the Penrose hypothesis, decreasing psychiatric bed numbers may lead to increasing prison populations. The study aimed to assess indicators of institutionalized(More)
The investigation of the relationship between the sizes of the mental health population and the prison population, outlined in Penrose's Law, has received renewed interest in recent decades. The problems that arise in the course of the deinstitutionalization have repeatedly drawn attention to this issue. This article presents methodological challenges to(More)
In health care, tending is a process, which offers for the patients a continuous watching on, a control, a treatment, and the prevention of worsening of their medical status as well as the reduction of their complaints. In the article, some fundamental segments of tending in addictology are reviewed, particularly paying attention to whom, how, where and how(More)
Talking of the Act LXXX. of 2009, the amendment of the Act IV. of 1978 on Criminal Code, the author reviews the Hungarian history of the changes of regulations referring to mentally ill criminals. He discusses the treatment regulations referring to criminals identified as insane, too. From historical and legal philosophical points of view, those parts of(More)
In the paper, the functioning of treatment alternative to punishment principle (diversion from custody) is surveyed from legal, medical and financial points of views. In this regard, the philosophical aspects of the issue are also taken into account. The emergence of diversion from custody appeared in the Hungarian criminal code in relation to the joining(More)
This paper disputes the suggestion of Hipkiss [Hipkiss, A., 2006. On the mechanisms of ageing suppression by dietary restriction-is persistent glycolysis the problem? Mech. Ageing Dev. 127, 8-15], according to which dietary restriction by decreasing methylglyoxal production may prevent ageing. A list of arguments is given to support the refusal of(More)
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