Miklós Neményi

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The objective of this study was to investigate the inaccuracy of a capacitance moisture sensor mounted on a combine harvester based on the datasets of six consecutive years. Variation of sensed volume is a major cause of measurement error for a capacitive sensor. The percentage of the sensed volume occupied by grain changes continuously by filling and(More)
The effect of nitrogen (N: low = 2% N or moderate = 10% N) levels and cultivation (photoautotrophic or mixotrophic) modes on the biochemicals in Chlorella minutissima was evaluated using a mass culture system. Moderate N and mixotrophic cultures had higher biomass, protein, carbohydrate content and photosynthetic pigments than the low N and photoautotrophic(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was used to study the moisture migration inside single corn kernel during artificial drying. MRI data were taken every half an hour during drying while the intact kernel was kept inside the magnet. The moisture distribution was not uniform inside the kernel during drying, with the fastest moisture loss being detected in the(More)
To compensate the existing difficulties in case of machine vision based weed recognition more and more complicated systems are applied. It means a demand of significantly increasing investment and extra cost for the farmers. However, the complexity of the field conditions and the morphological variability of the plants still make weed identification(More)
Application of transportation fuels containing biomass-derived components has emerged into focus in the last years. The main reason of this tendency is the energy policy of the European Union, declared in Directive 2003/30/EC of the European Council and Parliament. A major recommendation of this Directive is that member states are asked to ensure that a(More)
Microalgal production has many advantages over the use of terrestrial plants; therefore, increases in the use of microalgae for energy production can be expected. Algal biomass can be processed anaerobically to methane; however, the unfavorable C/N ratio of the substrate may have an inhibitory effect. The impact of the application of used cooking oil, maize(More)
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