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There is currently only one national database in the Hungarian health care system: the financial database of the National Health Insurance Fund. It includes all patients' data of state-funded services since 2000, those for pharmaceuticals, health spas and suppliers for patient transport. Any information for scientific research purposes can be obtained from(More)
The effectiveness of different screening programs can be characterized by the number of subjects taking part in the programs and the number of persons found positive. In this study the outcome of mammographic screening in Hungary was examined using data obtained from the National Health Insurance Fund database. The author posed questions whether breast(More)
UNLABELLED In recent times, the topic of smoking has been extensively debated in Hungary. A new Act has been issued for the protection of non-smokers and for the regulation of tobacco product distribution. AIMS The aim of the authors was to examine the economic burden of smoking on the society. METHODS According to wildly accepted estimates, 30% of the(More)
INTRODUCTION In 2012, the Hungarian system of intensive care units was reorganized. During this process, multidisciplinary units were separated from observation units. AIM The author analysed certain indicators of the remaining intensive care units. METHOD The study was based on reports of National Health Insurance Fund between 2000 and 2015. RESULTS(More)
In the present situation of health care, financing has become so complicated that the treating doctor has to know not only his profession but also has to consider the different regulations, laws and book of rules. The work of the physician cannot be carried out only through the fact that he is a master of his art, that is healing. All healing practice,(More)
Over the past four years, there were nearly 250 million registered visits of insured patients in outpatient services in Hungary according to the database of the National Health Insurance Fund. In the process of renewal of health care system it is extremely important to analyze the characteristics of patient pathways. With the analysis of registered visits(More)
UNLABELLED Appendicitis is the most common surgical disease. There is a very large literature for both its diagnosis and therapy. AIMS The author examined whether patients who were admitted with the diagnosis of appendicitis underwent surgery and what admission diagnoses were reported in cases of surgically treated patients. RESULTS In Hungary, there(More)