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BACKGROUND Although pharmacological block of the slow, delayed rectifier potassium current (IKs) by chromanol 293B, L-735,821, or HMR-1556 produces little effect on action potential duration (APD) in isolated rabbit and dog ventricular myocytes, the effect of IKs block on normal human ventricular muscle APD is not known. Therefore, studies were conducted to(More)
The roles of the alveolar and systemic CO₂ on the lung mechanics were investigated in dogs subjected to cardiopulmonary bypass. Low-frequency pulmonary impedance data (Z(L)) were collected in open-chest dogs with an alveolar CO₂ level (FA(CO₂)) of 0.2-7% and during systemic hypercapnia before and after elimination of the vagal tone. Airway resistance(More)
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