Miklós Bartha

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Metacognition is one of the cognitive processes included under the general term executive functions. The executive functions are widely held to be under the control of the prefrontal cortex, an area often damaged after severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). We examined the metacognitive processing of a group of 9 children with TBI, and a group of 9 healthy,(More)
Graphs with perfect internal matchings are decomposed into elementary components, and these components are given a structure re0ecting the order in which they can be reached by external alternating paths. It is shown that the set of elementary components can be grouped into pairwise disjoint families determined by the “two-way accessible” relationship among(More)
Ultrastructural and/or immunohistochemical analysis of approximately 500 specimens revealed widespread distribution of Langerhans cells in pathologic specimens. More than half of the tissue specimens were from patients with a variety of pulmonary diseases. In all specimens in which Langerhans cells were identified ultrastructurally, they were also(More)