Mikko Uitto

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—The recent trend in Internet traffic indicates the proliferation of usage of multimedia services where a substantial part is related to some sort of video transmission. Moreover, an increasing number of Internet users employ wireless access technologies. High-quality video streaming over wireless access in unison with great mobility brings challenges to(More)
The Scalable Video Coding (SVC) has been recently added as an extension to H.264/AVC standard. This extension allows both bit rate and device capability adaptation which are desirable features especially in error-prone wireless heterogeneous networks. This paper investigates the spatio-temporal error concealment techniques for packet losses in wireless IP(More)
In this paper the open-source NextSharePC demo is presented, which allows to distribute layered video content over P2P networks. The cost-efficient distribution of multimedia content over P2P networks has become very popular in recent years. Furthermore, multimedia content is consumed on a variety of devices, which requires to provide content in different(More)
—Peer-to-Peer systems are nowadays a very popular solution for multimedia distribution, as they provide significant cost benefits compared with traditional server-client distribution. Additionally, the distribution of scalable content enables the consumption of the content in a quality suited for the available bandwidth and the capabilities of the end-user(More)