Mikko Sallinen

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Requirements for Wireless Sensor networks will increase in the future. Requirements are demanding, especially in industrial real time networks which require high reliability and performance. Network simulation tools are often needed in the network design phase before actual implementation. In this paper, we selected 5 common wireless sensor networks(More)
In this paper we present a Wireless Sensor Network for professional applications and two examples for measurements in infrastructure applications, including ground vibration monitoring and pile driving, and one M2M application for measuring deformations in train wheels. There are two different types of sensor nodes designed to fill the requirements of the(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are applied in new applications all the time. However, in many cases their performance in a particular application is not be evaluated until the deployment phase. This is often too late and causes extra work and iterations in the design of the network hardware or communication parameters. This can be reduced with careful study(More)
RFID-based near field communication (NFC) technology enables several applications for short range communication. It is suitable for professional applications due to principle of operation, flexibility of use and it is standardized. Compared to other short range communication technologies such as Bluetooth, Bluetooth ULP (ultra low power) or Zigbee, it(More)
Fast robot programming is a requirement for efficient, flexible and reconfigurable short series manufacturing processes. This paper presents a model based robot programming concept for applications where metal profiles are processed by robots and only a 2D geometrical representation of the workobject - or product billet - is available. The robot is(More)
This paper presents a method for recognizing the very large work objects in difficult industrial environments. An automatic industrial robot workcell where the single production is manufactured requires fast and flexible recognition of work objects. The purpose of the workcell is to manufacture moulds and billets for prototype and short series castings so(More)
This paper describes a method and a platform for generating a treatment plan for a patient with a chronic disease such as diabetes. The planning process considers the user's living environment so the doctor's prescription can be easily implemented as a monitored activity. The process utilizes OWL representation for the knowledge modeling and Answer Set(More)