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Keywords distribution e-grocery food consumption food production greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions logistics Summary In this article, we present a literature review of the general and environmental effects of e-commerce in various parts of the demand-supply chain. These are further translated into effects on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the food(More)
This study investigated what should be the major research and development areas regarding the logistics of electronic business. The method of study consisted of five elements: the creation of a preliminary e-logistics vision; focus interviews of e-business and logistics experts, identification and categorisation of the key R&D topics, a panel workshop to(More)
Recently, last mile logistics has been identified as one of the most important factors in developing consumer direct business concepts. Research and experience have revealed that the goods reception mode is one of the key factors when developing cost-efficient home delivery operations. This dissertation identifies, models, and analyses existing and emerging(More)
In this paper we first summarize the categorization and prioritization of the most crucial R&D topics that should be dealt with in order to help enterprises to face the new logistics challenges of e-business. To achieve efficiency and operational quality in supply networks we then suggest a research agenda with three interrelated R&D themes. Fist theme(More)
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