Mikko Nikkilä

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The effects of stimulus duration on the elicitation and equivalent current dipole (ECD) localization of the auditory N400(m) were studied in two subject groups, either familiar or unfamiliar with Finnish language, using a sentence-processing paradigm with incongruent ending words of either short or long duration. Long-duration words elicited a broad(More)
We propose a novel approach of distance-based spatial clustering and contribute a heuristic computation of input parameters for guiding users in the search of interesting cluster constellations. We thereby combine computational geometry with interactive visualization into one coherent framework. Our approach entails displaying the results of the heuristics(More)
Mountainous regions are typically hard to access by land; because of this, search operations in hilly terrains are often performed by airborne force such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). We give algorithms for motion planning and coordination for a team of UAVs under various assumptions on the vehicles equipage/capabilities and present outputs of an(More)
The objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for growth, body composition, and structural soundness traits in commercial gilt lines. The data included 1,449 gilts: 462 females from a grandparent maternal line and 987 from a parent maternal line. Growth was expressed as number of days to a constant 113.5 kg BW (DAYS) and compositional(More)
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