Mikko Leinonen

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Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) has proven to be a cost effective and flexible technology for producing complicated structures: sensors, actuators and microsystems. In this paper, piezoelectric active mirror suspension embedded into LTCC is presented. In the structure the LTCC was used as a package, passive layers of piezoelectric monomorphs,(More)
Low-temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) has proven to be a cost-effective, flexible technology for producing complicated structures such as sensors, actuators, and microsystems. This paper presents a piezoelectric active mirror suspension system embedded into LTCC. In the structure, the LTCC was used as a package, for the passive layers of piezoelectric(More)
1 Introduction Although wireless data transmission techniques are commonly used in electronic devices, they still suffer from wires for the power supply or from batteries which require charging, replacement and other maintenance. The vision for the portable electronics and industrial measurement systems of the future is that they are intelligent and(More)
The main objective of this thesis was to use and combine Finite Element Method (FEM) and small signal equivalent circuit models in actuator and energy harvesting design and to study the dynamics of the said designs. The work is divided into four different sections. In the first section, the small signal parameters are derived for a pre-stressed(More)
This paper discusses, with the help of three examples from modal epistemology, what we can learn from formal considerations when using logic as a tool for rational reconstructions of cognitive processes. The purpose of these rational reconstructions is to explain how a certain cognitive process might eventually result in knowledge (or justified beliefs,(More)
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