Mikko Kovalainen

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ABSTWCT Brief critiques of organisational memory as ‘&g” are presentet and an dtemative concepturdisation as artefact mediated process is offered Within this fiatne, the paper gives an account of usage of a simple electronic artefact within a process industry: specticfly an Electronic Diary on the fictory floor of a large modem pape~ Mysis of 3,500 entries(More)
This form of coordination provides an alternative to workflow in situations where efficiency depends on discretion with respect to priorities—the ability not to respond when there are other things to do. The usefulness of the e-diary on the factory floor led to its informal diffusion to more than 100 workers, including managers. Papermills are tremendously(More)
In Finnish paper mills the stream of paper being produced can, and does break. A major concern is when these breaks are recurrent or prolonged. Downtime is expensive. The causes and remedies for problem breaks in a sophisticated and highly automated process can be hard to find. The paper reports on research from a CSCW perspective into the work activities(More)
Development of computer communications has catalyzed integration processes in world communities. Initial efforts concerning integration have showed great heterogeneity between data formats being exchanged between applications. One of the aspirations of Semantic Web Activity lead by W3C is provision of interoperability on concept level between software(More)
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