Mikko Korkala

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Mobile phones have been closed environments until recent years. The change brought by open platform technologies such as the Symbian operating system and Java technologies has opened up a significant business opportunity for anyone to develop application software such as games for mobile terminals. However, developing mobile applications is currently a(More)
Distributed software development is an increasingly important development approach for software companies as it brings tempting opportunities. Distributed development is already burdened with several problems and agile methods bring further challenges in the form of their reliance on verbal communication and volatile requirements. There is little empirical(More)
Effective communication and feedback are crucial in agile development. Extreme Programming (XP) embraces both communication and feedback as interdependent process values which are essential for projects to achieve successful results. Our research presents the empirical results from four different case studies. Three case studies had partially onsite(More)
The mortality of 2,117 workers exposed to trichloroethylene sometime between 1963 and 1976 was studied. Their names were collected from the files of one biochemical laboratory performing urinary trichloroacetic acid determinations and from the Occupational Disease Register of Finland. Both the total mortality (SMR 69) and the cancer mortality (SMR 77) were(More)
Agile methodologies emphasize the importance of customer and highlight that communication with the customer is seen as a central tenet. Despite the prevalence and benefits associated with globally distributed software development, communication can be much more challenging in such environments due to temporal, geographical and cultural distances. This paper(More)
The incidence of cancer in 12,693 shipyard and machine shop male workers (1689 welders, 4308 platers, 6003 machinists, 693 pipe fitters) employed for at least one year between 1945 and 1960 was investigated in a retrospective cohort study. The welders had welded only mild steel and had not been exposed to hexavalent chromium containing fume. The follow up(More)