Mikko Kaltiokallio

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A broadband 60-GHz receiver implemented in a 65-nm baseline CMOS technology is presented. A millimeter-wave front-end, including a single-ended low noise amplifier and a balanced resistive mixer, an IF-stage and an analog baseband circuit with an analog-to-digital converter are integrated on a single chip. The receiver achieves a measured 7.0-dB noise(More)
This paper focuses on the design of a highly tunable active polyphase filter with IRR better than 40dB. The active polyphase filter is implemented as a part of a simple RF receiver to demonstrate its feasibility for wide variety of wireless systems. The design consists of a high frequency adjustable gm-element that is optimized for active PPF. The filter(More)
The increased performance from technology scaling makes it feasible to operate digital circuits at ultra-low voltages without the significant performance limitation of earlier process generations. The theoretical minimum energy point resides in near-threshold voltages in current processes, but device and environment variations make it a challenge to operate(More)
This paper focuses on the design of wideband low-noise amplifier, which includes transferred-impedance structures to improve interference tolerance. The LNA is implemented as part of simple RF receiver to demonstrate the feasibility of the transferred-impedance circuits in wideband receivers. The LNA itself achieves a gain of 24 and 20 dB, noise figure of(More)