Mikko Hakala

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Packed column supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) in combination with atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation mass spectrometry was applied to the analysis of androstenone in pig fat samples. Liquefied fat samples were dissolved in dichloromethane and analysed directly by SFC without any sample purification. Chromatographic separation was achieved(More)
We report the oxygen K-edge spectra of ices Ih, VI, VII, and VIII measured with X-ray Raman scattering. The pre-edge and main-edge contributions increase strongly with density, even though the hydrogen bond arrangements are very similar in these phases. While the near-edge spectral features in water and ice have often been linked to hydrogen bonding, we(More)
ERKALE is a novel software program for computing X-ray properties, such as ground-state electron momentum densities, Compton profiles, and core and valence electron excitation spectra of atoms and molecules. The program operates at Hartree-Fock or density-functional level of theory and supports Gaussian basis sets of arbitrary angular momentum and a wide(More)
The properties of linear alcohols in the liquid phase are studied by molecular dynamics simulations. We analyze the effects of the use of bond length constraints on the simulation density, self-diffusion constant, and hydrogen-bonding characteristics of the alcohol series. We find that the densities are well-reproduced in each of the cases but that the(More)
We report a study on the temperature dependence of the valence electron excitation spectrum of CO2 performed using nonresonant inelastic X-ray scattering spectroscopy. The excitation spectra were measured at the temperatures of 300 and 850 K with momentum-transfer values of 0.4-4.8 Å(-1), i.e., from the dipole limit to the higher-multipole regime, and were(More)
We report on the microscopic structure of water at sub- and supercritical conditions studied using X-ray Raman spectroscopy, ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, and density functional theory. Systematic changes in the X-ray Raman spectra with increasing pressure and temperature are observed. Throughout the studied thermodynamic range, the experimental(More)
The isotope quantum effects in the ground-state electron momentum density of water are studied at temperatures ranging from 5 to 90 degrees C by combining Compton scattering experiments utilizing synchrotron radiation and computational analysis within density functional theory. We observe clear differences in the momentum density between normal and heavy(More)
Atomistic simulations of the chemistry of thiol-gold-systems have been restricted by the lack of interatomic interaction models for the involved elements. The ReaxFF framework already has potentials for hydrocarbons, making it an attractive basis for extending to the complete AuSCH-system. Here, an interatomic potential for gold, based on the ReaxFF(More)
The microscopic structure of the hydrogen-bond network of water-alcohol mixtures was studied using X-ray Raman scattering (XRS). To systematically examine how the hydrogen-bond network of water is affected by an increasing size of the hydrophobic group, small linear alcohols (methanol, ethanol, and propanol) in constant mole fractions were studied. The(More)
The interpretation of the oxygen near-edge spectrum of water has been debated intensively. We present new measurements of the temperature dependence of the spectrum and perform a van't Hoff analysis for the pre-edge intensity. Many microscopical and thermodynamic properties of liquid water have been described in the literature in terms of mixture models,(More)