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Personal Network (PN) is an emerging concept which combines pervasive computing and strong user focus. The idea is that the user's personal devices organise themselves in a secure and private personal network transparently of their geographical location. This paper studies a PN architecture where devices form clusters using shared key cryptography over(More)
— A Personal Network (PN) is a new concept related to pervasive computing with a strong user-focused view. Whereas several existing technologies can offer solutions to part of a person's future communication needs, there is very little work on combining these technologies into something a normal user can handle. It will undoubtedly be the network layer that(More)
Mobile ad hoc networking has been a hot research topic for a decade or so, and many paradigms have been making use of it. One of these paradigms is the Personal Networks (PN). It is an emerging concept where the user's personal devices form a virtual network which is secure and private, and reacts to changing environment and context intelligently. A(More)
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