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Caveolae are invaginations of the cell surface thought to regulate membrane tension, signalling, adhesion and lipid homeostasis owing to their dynamic behaviour ranging from stable surface association to dynamic rounds of fission and fusion with the plasma membrane. The caveolae coat is generated by oligomerisation of the membrane protein caveolin and the(More)
Adaptation of cell shape and polarization through the formation and retraction of cellular protrusions requires balancing of endocytosis and exocytosis combined with fine-tuning of the local activity of small GTPases like Rab8. Here, we show that endocytic turnover of the plasma membrane at protrusions is directly coupled to surface removal and inactivation(More)
Human atrial natriuretic peptide [ANF(1-28)] contains five arginine residues and carries an overall positive change of four. It was hypothesized that atrial peptides may induce mast cell histamine release. In vitro, three atrial peptides [ANF(1-28), (3-28) and (5-28)] were demonstrated to induce dose-dependent histamine release from isolated rat peritoneal(More)
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