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Genomic study is fairly novel. Typical research processes are not established yet. Many new discoveries are happening in this area all the time. Are current methods of visualizations effective? What works well? What could be improved? These are some of the questions we are interested in evaluating for two graphical tools used to compare nucleotide(More)
Data Center Bridging (DCB) is a group of technologies defined within the IEEE to transform Ethernet into a lossless fabric. This paper uses data center network cards and switches to analyze the performance of Priority-based Flow Control, a DCB technology. The network hardware required to support this new technology is still new and not widely available.(More)
Date iii Dedication To my wife Rachel and my family for all of their love and support. iv Acknowledgments I would like to first thank my advisor, Radim Bartos, for his commitment to making sure that each of my papers had the best chance of getting accepted. His steering my way through this process and his mentoring me in my burgeoning teaching career. I(More)
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