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We report and discuss the results of a series of experiments that address a contrast effect exhibited by folk judgments about knowledge ascriptions. The contrast effect, which was first reported by Schaffer and Knobe (2012), is an important aspect of our folk epistemology. However, there are competing theoretical accounts of it. We shed light on the various(More)
A view growing in popularity in the current philosophical literature is that the purpose of knowledge attributions is to identify or flag good informants. Such a thesis has its origin in the work of Bernard Williams and Edward Craig. Williams, for instance, claims that the central point of the concept of knowledge is " to find somebody who is a source of(More)
Concei ved very broadly, anti-individualism is a negative thesis. 1 According to anti-individualism, a specification of an individual's physical and phenomenological states and non-intentionally characterized functionalistic and dispositional properties is insuffi cient for a specifi cation of many of the individual's mental states. A more specifi c,(More)
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