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1 Introduction Rigid body simulations have been developed by many researchers of computer graphics recently [E. Guendelman et al. 2003]. The main purpose of rigid body simulations in the computer graphics field is not to analyze the physics accurately but to make motion based on physical modeling. Although a rigid body does not exist in this real world, it(More)
The seasonal variability of food web-based transfer factors (TF web) of radiocesium (137Cs) in white-spotted char (Salvelinus leucomaenis) was examined in the 2nd and 3rd year after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. Two headwater streams with similar landscape characteristics, but different amounts of fallout, were selected in Fukushima(More)
Piezoelectric unimorphs and bimorphs were fabricated by utilizing Pb((Zn/sub 1/3/Nb/sub 2/3/)/sub 0.91/Ti/sub 0.09/]O/sub 3/(PZNT91/09) single crystal plates with giant k/sub 31/ over 80%. The electromechanical coupling factors on bending mode (k/sub b/) were 64.7% (PZNT91/09 single crystals) and 20.6% (PZT ceramics) in the case of unimorphs. The k/sub b/'s(More)
Frequency responses of impedance to 500 kHz in Pb[(Zn/sub 1/3/Nb/sub 2/3/)/sub 0.91/Ti/sub 0.09/]O/sub 3/ (PZNT91/09) single-crystal plates (13/sup L//spl times/4/sup W//spl times/0.36/sup T/ mm) were analyzed on the two kinds of the length extensional vibration modes of k/sub 31/ (13/sup L/ mm) and k/sub 32/ (4/sup W/ mm). It was found that there were two(More)
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