Mikio Obuchi

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We propose a system for improving the answer rate to ESM inquiry to reduce the user's mental burden by detecting breakpoints in user's physical activity and pushing notifications in such timings. We conducted an in-the-wild user study with 30 participants for 4-days. The results revealed the effectiveness of breakpoint-based notification delivery. In the(More)
We propose "SmileWave", the first selfie social networking service to reveal the existence of emotional cognation through smiling selfies on the social network. We conducted multiple rounds of in-the-wild user studies with 86 cumulative total users for total duration of 5 weeks. Throughout the entire study, we confirmed the occurrence of smile-based(More)
Investigating users' interruptibility as an indicator of his/her attention status has been essential in recent pervasive computing where the users' attention resources get scarce against ever increasing amounts of information. In this paper, we address research problems related to the users' available interruptibility, their physical activities, and their(More)
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