Mikio Maeda

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This paper deals with the design of a fuzzy logic controller when the control rules cannot be completely represented by a human expert. The designed fuzzy logic controller, which consists of linguistically expressed expert’s knowledge rules and strategic control rules, is to be evaluated in terms of the various control-system characteristics such as dynamic(More)
The central concept of fuzzy control is fuzzy inference, and the “simpltj?ed inference method” which is aimed at increasing the speed of the fuzzy inference has recently been used to realize a high-speed fuzzy controller. Also, in designing a fuzzy controller, a high dimension such as 7 x 7 and 5 x 5 partitions is frequently used as the number of fuzzy(More)
There have been proposed many learning algorithms for VQ based on the steepest descend method. However, any learning algorithm known as a superior one does not always work well. This paper proposes a new learning algorithm with boosting. Boosting is a general method which attempts to boost the accuracy of any given learning algorithm. The proposed method(More)
The National Epidemiological Surveillance of Infectious Diseases (NESID) estimates the number of influenza patients using sentinel medical institutions reports (NESID estimate) rather than the actual number of patients visiting medical institutions. We estimated Hyogo Prefecture influenza patient numbers using Oseltamivir consumption (Oseltamivir estimate)(More)
Models of multiple inference in statistical fluctuation are presented for restoring a degraded image. Multiple images inferred by the Potts model are prepared in the initial stage. By using the inferred images, two approaches are described. The first approach is that a pixel value of a restored image is a median value of inferred images for respective(More)
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