Mikio Ikeda

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Simian T-cell leukemia viruses (STLVs) are the simian counterparts of human T-cell leukemia viruses (HTLVs). A novel, divergent type of STLV (STLV-L) from captive baboons was reported in 1994, but its natural prevalence remained unclear. We investigated the prevalence of STLV-L in 519 blood samples from wild-living nonhuman primates in Ethiopia.(More)
This paper proposes the use of band-limited random sequences to introduce further flexibility in the spread spectrum based audio data hiding. To realize the sub-band data hiding, a systematic method is developed in order to generate band-limited and orthonormal random sequences of any length. In experiments, we evaluated the selective use of frequency(More)
This paper describes the interpolation of head related transfer functions (HRTFs) for all directions. The interpolation of HRTFs enables us to reduce the number of measurements for new user's HRTFs, and also reduce the data of HRTFs in auditory virtual systems. A linear interpolation and the spline interpolation are evaluated and the advantages of both(More)
A symbolic layout system for double-metal silicon-gate MOS technology in the style of Gate Matrix is presented. This system provides an integrated layout environment which consists of stick-figure-based graphic editor, a mask artwork generator, a connectivity checker, a circuit parameter extracter and simulator interfaces. All the modules are designed to(More)
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