Mikio Hirano

Toru Hosokawa3
Kazuhito Noguchi3
Ayumu Goukon2
Toshihiko Kikuchi2
3Toru Hosokawa
3Kazuhito Noguchi
2Ayumu Goukon
2Toshihiko Kikuchi
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Case Y.K. has severe anterograde amnesia and a selective loss of specific personal episodes in his remote memories (Hirano & Noguchi, 1998). In this paper, we attempted to analyze remembering (R) and knowing (K) responses, that is, the relationship between autobiographical remembering and remembering accompanied by subjective experience. Although the rate(More)
Autobiographical memories of one case (Y.K.) were assessed before and after onset of hippocampal amnesia. He was a 56-yr.-old male patient who used to work in an office. The findings can be described as follows. First, Y.K.'s recognition performance regarding his premorbid and postmorbid personal semantics along with premorbid autobiographical incidents was(More)
Several studies have suggested there is a developmental link between executive functions and theory of mind. However, the developmental order driving the relationship is not well understood. The main reason is that the development of executive function parallels the development of theory of mind in normally developing children. In this paper, a case (H.Y.)(More)
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