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Two experiments measured the human ability to reproduce locomotor distances of 4.6–100 m without visual feedback and compared distance production with time production. Subjects were not permitted to count steps. It was found that the precision of human odometry follows Weber’s law that variability is proportional to distance. The coefficients of variation(More)
In order to clarify the relationship between perceptual diagnosis of lateral misarticulation (LM) by sophisticated listeners and the physical correlates of LM, three experiments using sustained speech /integral/ were conducted. Experiment 1 was designed to compare the spectral envelopes of normal speech (NS) /integral/ with those of LM /integral/.(More)
Frequency bands having speaker individual ities in the spectral envelopes of vowels and physical characteristics representing speaker individualities in these frequency bands were investigated by psychoacoustic experiments. In this study, the relationship between physical characteristics and the speaker identification rates was studied using stimuli,(More)
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