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Nowadays, online social networks (OSNs) become a part of human life. People use the OSNs for different purposes such as working, entertainment and so on. However, existing OSNs feed too much information into an audience's social network page without recognized the audience's situation or the audience's desire. This problem, called information overload, is a(More)
We design our computing environment as a centralized system since our university's foundation. By our system, users can connect with their desktop environment on a server at anywhere in the campus. Two years ago, we have built up a new private cloud system. For our system we adopted a combination of three virtualization products: VMware vSphere, Citrix(More)
Lion Taming: Desktop Management of Apple Devices Nikolas E. Varrone, Shawn Plummer As Apple devices have become more popular on our campus, management is a greater necessity. SUNY Geneseo's desktop management of Apple devices has evolved from treating them as individual, personal devices to deployment built, domain bound, remotely accessible, and profile(More)
Power shortages during the summer season have become a serious problem in Japan. At JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), students and staff received more than 25 requests to cut down on their use of power in July and August 2013. As a result, reducing the amount of power consumed by the data center in JAIST has become a pressing(More)
Online Social Networks (OSNs) have recently been playing an important role in communication. From the audience aspect, they enable audiences to get unlimited information via the information feeding mechanism (IFM), which is an important part of the OSNs. The audience relies on the quantity and quality of the information served by it. We found that existing(More)
This paper describes a new centralized storage system with automated data tiering for use in the private cloud environment of the authors' institute. There are various purposes for a user's activity in the private cloud environment. Both a high-speed storage server and high capacity storage server were needed in the previous implementation. The users could(More)
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